AR-15s Are Essential Gun Cleaning Mat

  • AR-15s Are Essential Gun Cleaning Mat

AR-15s Are Essential Gun Cleaning Mat

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đź—˝ AR-15's are protected by the Second Amendment!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the second amendment doesn’t protect your right to own an AR15.

If there is one gun on this planet that the second amendment protects it is absolutely the AR-15.

Not because when the second amendment was drafted the AR15 was specifically what the framers had in mind, but because when they were drafting the second amendment the framers were thinking how do we protect the right of the people to own the most effective tool to preserve this free state and protect themselves.

At that time that tool was the musket and today that musket is the AR-15. 

  • Special designed non slip natural rubber foam base (also called "neoprene") makes the gun cleaning mat "stick on" the table top, it will prevent the mat from sliding. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt away from your desk, bench or work area when you clean your gun.
  • rubber+polyester fabric Eco-friendly material which is soft, can be easily rolled up for easy storage and easy to carry.
  • 17"x11", Gun protection, gun cleaning
  • the heat sublimation transfer printing we use is to transfer the ink into the fibers, colors will keep for lifetime, never fade out, water-resistant, scratch proof and oil resistant.

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