Vaultek RS800i WI-FI Biometric Safe With Modular Interior

  • Vaultek RS800i WI-FI Biometric Safe With Modular Interior

Vaultek RS800i WI-FI Biometric Safe With Modular Interior

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The Most Versatile Rifle Safe On The Market
Wi-Fi with Alerts | Biometric | Modular Interior

I receive a constant inquiry from friends and novice gun owners about safe storage options for their handguns. Many of these gun owners have kids and are immensely concerned with preventing access to their firearm.

They want something secure and discreet while still providing quick access to their firearm in necessary cases. I too wanted something discreet that I could strategically store around my home. I have been using Vaultek products for years now, and it only made sense to partner with them to create the perfect gun safe.

This new Vaultek collaboration safe is small, discreet, and provides quick access that caters to new and experienced gun owners.

  • Wi-Fi Technology
    uses the Vaultek Wi-Fi Smartphone App and exclusive online dashboard for the most advanced safe management tools available. Receive instant alerts for critical safe activity from anywhere. View battery status, adjust the brightness of the interior light, check history log, and much more. LCD screen provides quick visual feedback for all safe activity and rechargeable Li-ion battery provides power for up to 5 months in Low Power Mode, and charges in 2.5 hours with the included charging kit.
  • Advanced ANTI-THEFT Protection
    features include (4) solid steel locking bolts, anti-pry bars, ruggedized interior hinges, and Impact Detection for the ultimate prevention against break-ins. Made with TOUGH AND RUGGED 14-gauge carbon steel construction using Vaultek’s exclusive metal forming technique features a durable finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long lasting protection.
    to your valuables and documents from the auto open door. Get in quick when it matters most using the gaming inspired action of the backlit keypad with over 19,000,000 unique combinations, biometric scanner capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints, fastest access point available the included Smart Key Nano, and backup keys are also included.
    makes it extremely versatile in placement and storage options. Designed to store 8 rifles, 8 pistols, and magazines. Add additional modular accessories are available to max out your safe. Great a bedroom safe, closet safe, office safe, hallway safe, or living room safe.
    features a core perforated back panel to mount magnetic accessories anywhere. An accessory starter kit is included with a universal twin holster and (2) barrel mounts with adapters. Customize your space and order additional modules including shelves, a front door mounting board, and AR door mounts. Responsive LED lighting for full view of your safe contents with the adjustable brightness interior LED lights.


Depth for Storage of Rifles & Pistols

Depth That Expands Capacity

RS800i expands capacity to create all new maxed out configurations.
Up to 8 long guns and multiple pistols + magazines.

Upright Pistol Storage. Make way for the fastest retrieval possible.

Upright Pistol Storage.

Make way for the fastest retrieval possible.

rs800i control panel screen

 Advanced Control Panel

Central control panel houses an LCD screen relaying critical safe information, biometric scanner, and LED numeric keypad.

rs800i led lighting

Enhanced LEDs

Easily view the contents of your safe with an enhanced LED lighting system, crafted for full illumination.

Clearance for Sights + Optics

Clearance for Sights + Optics

Barrel Mount Extensions allow for storing rifles with sights or optics, just stack together to create clearance as needed.

RS800I customizable interior for accessories

Customizable Interior

Custom build with total freedom.
Make it yours with RS accessories designed specifically for your RS800i.

Modular Configurations For Pistols

Modular To Fit YOUR needs

You can now store your AR with magazines fully attached, even on the included door peg board. For convenient access pistols can store straight in.

Smart Key Nano, Biometric, Numeric Keypad, Backup Keys

Smart Entry Methods

Premium Entry Methods: Biometric Scanner, Numeric Keypad, Backup Keys, + our signature Vaultek Nano Key.

rs800i auto door open

Auto Open Door

When access is granted the tuned spring door automatically opens.

rs800i iphone android app smart alerts

Smart App

Receive Instant Alerts for Safe Activity, Tamper Detection, Humidity Detection, Power Levels, + More.

RS800i online cloud dashboard with alerts and monitoring

Online Dashboard

The online web dashboard provides a second vantage point to manage your safe and monitor live safe data.

Included Accessories:

  • Front Door Mounting Board
  • (1) 2.3 width shelf
  • (4) barrel mounts + (4) adapters
  • base plate
  • (1) single pistol / AR mag holder
  • (1) velcro barrel mount +(1)adapter
  • (1) twin pistol rack
  • Smart Key Nano and battery
  • (2) spare manual keys
  • charging kit with cable and adapter
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • mounting hardware

Plus Edition Includes: All the RS800i standard included accessories PLUS:

  • Full width accessory shelf 
  • Twin Pistol Rack
  • 8-Slot pistol mag rack
  • Spring loaded AR mount
  • (3) Extra barrel mounts  (1 with velcro strap)
  • (3) Extra barrel mount adapters
  • Single pistol/AR mag holster 
  • 4-Slot AR mag rack

External Dimensions: 54" Height x 14" Width x 16" Length

Internal Dimensions: 53.25" Height x 13.75" Width x 12.6" Length

Weight: 124 lbs

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