AR-15s Are Essential Performance Shirt

  • AR-15s Are Essential Performance Shirt

AR-15s Are Essential Performance Shirt

Colion Noir

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Anyone who supports banning the most popular and most effective rifle for self-defense does not support the Second Amendment.

Canadian Prime Minister has banned AR-15s with no vote, no democracy, no debate.

Now that reports indicate 9 of the 22 mass murder victims were killed by arson, not gunfire, will Trudeau seek a ban on matches and lighters? No matter how silly it sounds, this would be as logical as his ban on semi-automatic firearms.

American politicians will again point to Canada’s gun bans as setting the example our country must follow. The difference is the will of the people. Rebellion is in our blood.

I made the “Keep Canada Tactical” Shirt and merchandise for like-minded people who believe Canada should stay tactical and any refuse to accept any push for limiting our rights under the Second Amendment.

Other reasons why You LOVE this SHIRT:

  • 100% microfiber performance polyester complete comfort & more form-fitting than your typical SHIRT
  • 50+ UPF protection
  • Apparel is Designed, Printed, and Shipped in the USA.

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