AKT1 Sport Premium Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Sports

  • AKT1 Sport Premium Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Sports

AKT1 Sport Premium Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Sports

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You know how frustrating & uncomfortable it is when you don’t get the right fit or have to take your ear protection off & on throughout the day to relieve the pressure or “hear better”.

This causes potentially unwelcomed permanent hearing damage and the inability to maintain situational awareness by hearing your environment and instruction consistently.

This is a constant struggle, particularly the longer YOU are training or at the range wearing ear protection.

AKT1 Sport Premium Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting SportsThis is the importance of AKT1 Sport Electronic Earmuffs. 

Once you wear these, you’ll immediately feel the difference with SUPERIOR comfort and enhanced situational awareness.

Between the way the headband is built and the memory foam cushions, the comfort feels like custom-fit protection and is easily worn for hours even with eyewear. The ear cut out inside the cushions is larger than normal so they will always feel comfortable instead of cramped.

You’re not simulating going in and out of an environment because you never feel the need to take them off. The AKT1 earmuffs are different from all others in that they amplify frequencies to a safe 85db (decibels) level as opposed to blocking it completely. This allows you to consistently hear everything around you without experiencing hearing fatigue from constant highs and low sounds coming through.

In summary, with AKT1 Sport earmuffs, you’ll have better comfort, protection, and situational awareness. Features 6x SOUND AMPLIFICATION, Fast Attack Time, NRR 25 Rated & Includes Batteries & Carry bag (doubles as cloth to clean safety glasses)  

  • Comfort: Hand-sewn memory foam cushions with the largest ear cup cut out for the most comfortable fit is the cornerstone of the AKT1™ ear pro. Comfortable with eyewear & for long duration of use. Fits the most ear sizes.
  • Fit: We measured hundreds of head and ear sizes to create the perfect headband for all, ranging from giant to small. Expand as needed for the right fit.
  • Style: Hand-sewn mesh cut-outs in the headband allow for breathability during use, as well as a comfortable fit with any trucker/ball/shooter hat. No more headaches from these earpro, wear what you want to shoot!
  • Protection: NRR 25 Rated with Constant passive noise blocking that allows you to wear and protect your hearing at any time, even without the batteries.
  • Situational Awareness: Our state of the art sound board brings life to the earmuff by delivering up to 6x sound amplification, allowing you to not only communicate with a close range partner but also hear further out in the distance.
  • Performance: With custom circuitry, AKT1™ has rapid fast attack time, meaning the instant a gun is fired it suppresses the noise and provides greater protection. Equally fast is the reaction to an impact noise ending, when it reverts back to allowing you to communicate and hear exterior sounds. In short, talk with ease while shooting.
  • Natural Communication: Dual microphones and design make speech and noises sound completely natural, not robotic. Complete clarity is the promise.
  • Made for the Elements: One easy dial rubber knob turns your ear pro on/off with or without gloves & allows you to roll the volume up or down as you want it. Durable design allows for common everyday use for wear again and again.
  • Storage: Multiple folding positions allows you to store and pack easily in your bag. These travel well! Use the included carry bag if you want, it doubles as a glasses wipe.
  • Everyday Gear: Gun stock cut out on the earcup allows you to transition easily between handguns and long guns. Shoot whatever you want, we got you covered.

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