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Freedom Long Sleeve

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Though we live in the freest country in the world there people in our country, who see our freedom as an enemy and will do anything in their power to strip it away to gain more control. There are people in this country who see our freedom as a burden and are willing to legislate our freedoms away to avoid personal responsibility. There are people in our country who see our Freedom as a threat and are eager to trade not only their freedom but your freedom for the feeling of security.

The war against our FREEDOM is a war of attrition. The enemy of our Freedom don't take breaks; they attack it constantly until the concept of our FREEDOM is hardly legible. As strong as our freedom makes us our FREEDOM is fragile and battle-worn, and we should do everything in our power to protect the FREEDOM we have left, and everything in our power to regain the missing pieces. The Attrition of FREEDOM Shirt and merchandise is a warning of the fragility of our FREEDOM and a reminder that we don't have the pleasure ever to stop fighting for our FREEDOMS.

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