Love My Guns & My Mom Long Sleeve

  • Love My Guns & My Mom Long Sleeve

Love My Guns & My Mom Long Sleeve

Colion Noir

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Some people ask, how can anyone love guns?

Well, have you ever seen the look of joy on someones face after shooting an AR for the first time? Ever felt the sense of accomplishment after Hearing the sound your bullet hit steel 300 yards away after multiple failed attempts? Have you ever felt the rush of shooting a fully automatic rifle? How about the feeling of pride you feel after winning your first shooting competition? Have you experienced the thrill of Going on your first hunt? How about the joy of watching your family bond at the shooting range? But most importantly, have you felt the comfort of knowing that with a gun you can protect your family and the people you love? If not, that’s a shame because if you did you’d love guns too.

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